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As students get ready to head back to campus, 710 Bookstore offers the following tips on how they can save on SIU textbooks and course materials:

  1. Buy used or electronic textbooks and course materials. These options are often one-third to half the price of buying a new print textbook. You can check availability of digital course materials on
  2. Rent course materials. Renting course materials from the bookstore helps avoid the shipping hassles and returns students may experience with online companies such as Chegg and Amazon.
  3. Shop early. The sooner students shop, the more likely they are to find a good selection of lower-cost used books and rentals. Once the semester starts, demand goes up online, so do prices. Bookstores sell out of cheaper options and students are left scouring for late materials.
  4. Compare prices everywhere. Students can save time and money by finding the best option at the best price. Compare the online options to the in store prices when possible.
  5. Know the return policy. If a student drops a class or the professor decides not to use the material, they’ll need to return it before the deadline to get a full refund. Our return policy is featured below.
  6. Don’t write in or unwrap books or course materials until they’re certain they’ll be keeping them. Most stores won’t give full credit for course materials that have been marked in or opened.
  7. Keep receipts in a safe place. 710 does not require them for returns but textbook receipts are needed during income tax season when filing for the American Opportunity Tax Credit. For details on how to apply for the credit, go to
  8. When shopping online, check the shipping costs – both ways. Know the full price of buying online. If students need to return a book, they need to find out the costs involved. Many students opt for the online buying and rental process without considering all of the costs.
  9. Know how long it will take materials to arrive. If students buy online at the last minute, they could be without materials for the first two-three weeks of class.
  10. Know the difference between editions. Students should use the book’s ISBN and edition when comparing costs to ensure they’re comparing apples to apples. The local store will carry the correct one, but it’s easy to purchase an outdated version online as they often have the same title and cover. In some cases, the changes are minor and it won’t matter, in other cases, it means a missing assignment or critical information. Checking with instructors helps here as well.

710 offers free collection and pickup for online orders, price match guarantees on ALL RENTALS, and other incentives. Our return deadlines and policies mirror campus deadlines so if there are abnormal schedules or classes, we can work with students. In addition, students can avoid any hidden shipping and handling fees and the inconvenience of having to ship materials back to multiple online sellers (and remembering where they got each item) by shopping with us.

The Last Day To Return Textbooks For a Full Refund for Fall 2018 Semester Is: 8/31/2018

Please See the Textbook Return Policy Slip For Intercession and Less Than Full Semester Courses.

You understand that you are renting (not purchasing) the textbooks listed above and must return them to this bookstore location no later than Friday, December 14th, 2018. Failure to return rented textbooks by the due date will be considered intent to purchase, and your credit card will be charged the difference between the rental price already paid and full retail price. Minimal highlighting and writing is allowed. Books must be returned in good condition and free of excessive damage. Excessive damage is any damage that would prevent another student from reasonably being able to use and gain the full learning value from the textbook (water damage, mold, missing covers, missing pages, destroyed text on pages, and the like). Books returned with excessive damage will prevent a successful rental return, and you will be charged the difference between the rental price and full retail value (new or used depending on the condition prior to rental).

Please return your book(s) by the RENTAL RETURN DEADLINE 12/14/18 to 710.


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