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710 Bookstore provides textbooks for sale in a variety of formats: New, Used, Rental and Digital. Each format has advantages and disadvantages. Each student should evaluate his or her textbook needs and select the best buying format.

New Textbooks

Mint condition, up to 50% buyback value
* Most Expensive

Used Textbooks

Saves 25% compared to new textbooks, up to 50% buyback value
* May contain highlighting, notes and worn pages

Rental Textbooks

Saves up to 90% from new textbooks
* No buyback value, no ownership

Digital Textbooks

Save space, protects the environment, cost can be lower
* No buyback value, access to text may expire


If you purchased your books at the beginning of the semester, you can sell them back to 710 year round. It doesn’t matter if you purchased them elsewhere, we’ll make an offer for any book. 

Bring In Your Books

We will examine the condition of your books and match them to the books professors are using again next semester. We will check fair wholesale market value.

Receive Offer

We will give you an offer that you are free to accept or decline. This offer will take into account what is being used next semester and the market value of your books.

Get Cash

If you accept our offer we pay cash on the spot. No waiting, no shipping, no hassles. You don’t have to worry about your books being rejected after selling them online. Let vacation begin!

Rented Your Books?

Did you rent your books this semester? Just drop your rented books off at 710 before May 12 to avoid being charged a late penalty. Want to keep your books? Just let us know by calling or sending us an email.

Rented books should not be sold at BuyBack. You will be charged a non-return penalty that will likely be more than you get at BuyBack.

Buying SIU textbooks from THE alternative to the online risk and on-campus corporate prices is the way to go. We provide more rentals, more used books and less confusion. Don’t wait in line, pay for overpriced books, or play the gamble with online ordering. 710 has been the number one SIU bookstore for over 40 years. Shop local and save local. Stop into the store at our new location on 1051 S. Wall Street across from campus. We are just around the corner from Don Taco and Pinch Penny Pub. Let our staff help you find the correct books for this semester and don’t get behind the curve. Getting your books early can guarantee you get used or rental copies before they are sold out and getting them online at means you can have them waiting for you when you come into the store. See you there!

We offer e-books, rentals and Saluki apparel at great prices. SIU students have picked 710 as the number one bookstore in Saluki country for over 40 years.